Rosalina ribbons

25 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays from Rosalina!
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. This seasonal pin-up is a little late but at least it's something, even if it's more risque than previous years. I have many more artworks ready to post, it might seem I have been inactive but a lot of work has been done behind the scenes, including the full version of the Palutena image I previewed some months ago. See you in 2013!

This is also a sorta sequel to

Princess Peach Beach

14 Sep 2012

Just Peach taking a break during the last days of summer..

Version 2
Version 3



This was a commission for someone at dA, I will post more artwork I have finished during all this time I didn't showed any signs of life on the 'net. Apologies to all who were checking my sites expecting new art.

Princess Daisy and Luigi at Sirena Beach

9 Apr 2012

A real update at last. Just Luigi and Daisy enjoying their vacations at Sirena Beach. :D

Bonus alternate outfits:

♥Version 1
♥Version 2  

♥Version 3

♥Version 4

Which is your favourite?

It's been a while...

19 Mar 2012

After some months of not being able to upload anything, I'm back in action. Since the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising is around the corner, have a little preview of a work in progress featuring the Goddess Palutena. (´∀`)ノ