Rosalina Christmas

26 Dec 2011

This year's Christmas artwork features Rosalina in her santa costume.
I know, I'm posting this a bit late and there some mistakes with her pose but I had to rush this since I don't have much time lately.

1920x1080 wallpaper here

See you in 2012! ヽ(´▽`)/

The Royal Revelation part 3 and 4

26 Sep 2011

To make up for the lack of updates, here are part 3 and 4 of the ongoing comic commissioned by ShadowLord69 !
Looks like Samus didn't end killing Mario for hitting her after all. :P

Part 2
Part 1

Peach and Chun-Li at the beach

21 Aug 2011

Sorry to all visitors who eagerly expect new artwork, I didn't had much time to post anything last month so I hope this update was worth the wait.

This is a commission for , here we can see two of gaming's most famous ladies, Princess Peach and Chun-Li enjoying the summer! ( ゚∀゚ )

I tried to make Chun-Li's body more true to how she appears in the games, drawing a muscular lady was good for a change. I also made a few extra versions which will be posted when they are finished on this same entry.

Version 2
Version 3 (coming soon)
Version 4 (coming soon) 


4 Jul 2011

Those who are familiar with my work might remember this foxy lady. Back then my client had requested me to only post to the public a watermarked, small version. Thankfully he eventually changed his mind and now I'm allowed to post this better version along with other commissioned artworks featuring more of his original characters (as seen in previous preview posts)! =]

The Royal Revelation Part 2

25 Jun 2011

Second part of The Royal Revelation, commissioned by ShadowLord69, featuring again Princess Peach, Zero Suit Samus, Krystal and Mario. Let's see how this will end (even I don't know :P ).

I'll post more previews of upcoming artwork in the next post.

Bikini Daisy

29 May 2011

Yes, this is just another version of this Daisy fanart I did last year. Just did this for fun and made a few corrections along the way! Version 2 (I wanted to make a proper sunny beach background but wasn't possible due to lack of time). 

The Royal Revelation Part 1 + more previews

22 May 2011

First, a commission for ShadowLord69 , this is just part 1 of a series of (so far) 3 illustrations involving Princess Peach, Zero Suit Samus, Krystal and Mario. It's one of the few artworks I've made that include some dialogue.
Next, a few more previews of what's to come:

Angel Princess Peach

18 Apr 2011

Finally, more updates! To the readers of this blog as well my clients and audience in other galleries, my sincere apologies  for having been so inactive, too many bad things going with my life during the past few months. My situation has been improving however, so hopefully we'll see more updates.
This image was commissioned as a cover for a comic by a great artist, Romaniya! The rabbit Peach is holding and the stone on her ankle are part of the story, I believe.
All the current volumes of her comic can be purchased here.

As a side note, I've been also thinking of selling posters/prints of some of my artworks. So please comment if you would be interested in that. =]

More versions of this image: Version 2  Version 3

New Rosalina pin-up + more previews

27 Feb 2011

I'm not dead yet! ヽ(°∀°)/
To compensate the lack of updates this month, here's a sexy Rosalina pin-up I was commissioned to draw some time ago

And as a little bonus, as small preview of some of the other images I'm currently working on


22 Jan 2011

Second commission for FOnewearl-Lina
Another picture of his Phantasy Star Universe character, a cute RAcaseal named Riniaru.
This is quite an improvement compared to the last time I drew her.

Also, made a couple of slightly different versions since I couldn't decide which background was best.