Happy Holidays!

25 Dec 2010


By popular demand, this year's Christmas artwork features Peach instead of Rosalina. I had an sketch of this since last year but finally got around to finish it, don't mind if it looks very rushed and somewhat uninspired. A bit late but better than never. ;]

Alright, time to go back to work on all the other commissions. 

Princess Midna

19 Dec 2010

Sorry for the lack of activity even here, I've been working on so much new stuff it's not even funny. So, here's the full version of the preview I posted a while ago. This was a commission from someone outside dA, the idea was to draw a pin-up of Twili Midna wearing a wedding dress based on her normal outfit. I made several versions, including white and black dress/lingerie versions. Which one looks best? ( ゚ω゚)

Black Lingerie
White Dress
White Lingerie


17 Nov 2010

Illustration commissioned by Pineapplelicious, of her lovely original character, called Mirage. ( ⌒‿⌒ )
I did a few extra versions too, you can see a couple of them here:
Version 2
Version 3

Busy bees

9 Nov 2010

Time for some old, unpublished artwork! A commission made almost 2 years ago of Peach and Daisy with the Bee Mushroom power-up, from Super Mario Galaxy.

Happy Halloween 2010!

31 Oct 2010

This year's Halloween artwork features yet again Rosalina and Peach, this time dressed as Geno (from Super Mario RPG) and a cute witch. Also, Lubba dressed as Mallow and a couple of Boos. The idea of Rosalina cosplaying as Geno was inspired by Twilit-Arawen

Upcoming art part 1

30 Oct 2010

This is just a small sample of the many artworks I've been working on. The above is part of a Midna (from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) commission. More shall be posted later! ;)

Halloween art 1

22 Oct 2010

Artwork done some time ago, with chibi anime characters dressed for Halloween! On the right, Princess Peach is wearing the same witch outfit featured in an older artwork.

Peach and Whacka

13 Oct 2010

For my first art post, a fanart of Whacka (from the Paper Mario games) and chibi Peach playing around. Originally published in July 2009.


...to my new online gallery! I will post mostly new artwork, along with some old and perhaps even some unpublished pieces. Thank you for taking the time view this blog, I hope to keep it updated each week so feel free to check often.