Catgirl Peach

22 Jul 2013

Made this after watching the Super Mario 3D World E3 reveal, the new Cat power-up looks so fun and it will be great to play as the Princess again, a throwback to the old Super Mario Bros. 2. It was also the perfect excuse to finally draw Peach as a cute catgirl. =]

-Version 2

-(High resolution files plus 2 more outfits and the base available as premium content on dA, or by sending me an e-mail if their points currency-thing is not your thing).

Peach Cake

10 Jun 2013

...or Peach on a plate.

This is a somewhat old commission from 2011, so it doesn't looks as "polished" as newer artworks. Some of you might have seen a version of this one already someone else leaked, but here's what it was supposed to be like. I thought it would be fitting to post this one since June 9 was my birthday. :D

-Version 2 
-Version 3
-Version 4

Goddess Zelda

24 May 2013

At last, this is the Zelda artwork I mentioned in the previous post, sorry for keep all viewers waiting. Commissioned by krimzon123, it's the lovely Zelda from Skyward Sword! The dress is mostly based on her Goddess outfit, there's also a version with a more modern dress, available below.

Version 2

Lilia at the beach + previews

24 Mar 2013

Commission for Master 64 from dA. This is Lilia, one of his original characters enjoying a sunny day at the beach. Yeah, her proportions might be a bit exaggerated even by my standards, but I hope it isn't too much!

Now, here are a couple of sneak peeks of upcoming art...

WarioWare - Ashley

3 Mar 2013

Here's Ashley, the young witch apprentice from the WarioWare games, riding her magic broom.
This was going to be last year's Halloween artwork, but I couldn't post it until now.

WarioWare - Mona

6 Jan 2013

Just a pin-up of Mona from WarioWare blowing a kiss while there's a fireworks display in the background.

Originally commissioned by LoudNoises, I thought this would be a good artwork to start the year!

Different top version