Commission rules and info

This page I'll cover the guidelines, prices and limitations regarding commissions.

I can draw both fan art and original characters. If you want the latter, please be sure to give me a good quantity of references or a detailed description. Please be as specific as possible about what you want, that makes things much easier for both of us. Keep in mind that these are a general guidelines, prices might vary as specifics dictate (I could add an extra small fee if it's too complex or make a fair discount if it's too simple).

Be aware that the time that I'll take to finish a commission might vary, depending on the complexity my available time. Usually I will take one or two weeks to finish a picture. Please be patient.

I'm allowed to post the finished product on my dA gallery, unless you request to keep it unpublished.

If you want me to put a watermark on the picture (especially if it has your original characters and you want to avoid art theft) please let me know.

When it comes to subject matter, I'm not very picky. Usually I will even accept commissions that involve (but not limited to) the following: Yaoi, Yuri, ecchi, Mechas, creatures such as dragons, etc. Hentai commissions are available too but they won't be posted on this gallery for obvious reasons.

Usually I will NOT accept commissions involving the following: Gore, extreme inflation, bad taste violence, etc.

Sketch: Simple image done with digital pencil. Unavailable until further advice.
Inked lineart: Hand drawn images, scanned then cleaned and inked digitally. Includes one character.

Sometimes I will add bonus versions if I like your idea.

Characters requested under this category will be drawn in "chibi" style. Colored with cell-shading technique, unless you request a detailed colouring.
  • 1 character commission: $19
  • Complex/detailed background: +$10
  • Extra Characters: $14 each
Image drawn with normal proportions and style, this is the kind of artwork that you can usually see on my gallery. Please tell me if you want the characters illustrated full body or only waist up. Remember to be as especific as possible for better results. 

The following prices are for 1 character commissions, you can choose wether you want cel-shaded colouring or detailed:
  • Detailed/cel-shaded colouring without background: $42
  • Detailed/cel-shaded with background: $52
  • Additional characters: $29 each
Cell-shading examples:
Detailed examples:
If you want something different (for instance, oekaki art, pseudo realism, pixel art or another style, etc.) please let me know and we can work something out.

The only accepted payment method is PayPal. After the commission details are discussed, I'll message you back with more details.

All the prices stated above are in US dollars. Other currencies such as Euros and British Pounds are accepted too.

The commission will be started as soon as the payment is received.

If you still have any questions or concerns please send me a mail. I will respond to any inquiries regarding this service.

Now, aside from working on up to 20 commissions at the same time I will open a waiting list of up to 100 commissions to keep track of things more easily. If you previously reserved a slot and you are not on the waiting list please let me know. 

If you'd like to remain anonymous, send me a note stating so.

Currently working on commissions for:


Reserved slots/Waiting list (if you'd like to reserve a spot in the waiting line please let me know):
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  56. You ? ^_^