17 Nov 2010

Illustration commissioned by Pineapplelicious, of her lovely original character, called Mirage. ( ⌒‿⌒ )
I did a few extra versions too, you can see a couple of them here:
Version 2
Version 3


Fengas said...

sooooo beautiful!

Roger Bacon said...

Lovely work.

Anonymous said...

Pretty =3. At first I was sure it was either some game or Disney Princess :P.

Richard said...

I like the one with the green better. Swimsuit kinda get monotonous. Not trying to offend, but do you ever draw like c, b cup breast? The ones you draw kinda look like d's :P SHIT i don't wanna sound like a critic... Good work Sigurd! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sigurd!

I've noticed that in the top bar, the button "COMMISSIONS" doesn't link to anything. You should make it a link to a post where you explain your prices and conditions. Just a suggestion!

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