22 Jan 2011

Second commission for FOnewearl-Lina
Another picture of his Phantasy Star Universe character, a cute RAcaseal named Riniaru.
This is quite an improvement compared to the last time I drew her.

Also, made a couple of slightly different versions since I couldn't decide which background was best.


Anonymous said...

full nude version please!

Anonymous said...

Yep, definitely an improvement =). Grats'! Also, I like version 2 the best as blue-shiniez = the best :P.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful art.

Mark said...

I don't remember seeing that original on DeviantArt before. I should have paid more attention. They're all great!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Please post the nude version on one of you alt. galleries though :D

Anonymous said...

I think you want constructive criticism so here goes:
I think your face, eyes and hair drawings have improved a lot since that last time, but your body drawing has become worse a bit, this is especially notable on the boobs part. They look very baloony and unrealistic, tacked-on.

Sigurd said...

^Thanks for the critique, it's very appreciated.

And to the two anons above, no nude version of this was made since my client didn't requested any.

HD2 - HOTDESIGNS2 said...

Excellent work.
Excellent light effects.

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